Entwined in Time Trilogy

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A sweet, historical romance set in the Highlands of Scotland
As the story begins, Mackenzie Clark is right on the cusp of something great. She has a boyfriend who’s going to propose any day, she’s about to get a promotion at work, and life is finally getting on track!
And then, on her 25th birthday everything falls apart.
Jaded and angry, Mackenzie drags her best friend, Gabby, along to Scotland for an immersive experience in an ancient castle. While there, she meets an interesting jeweler who gives her a necklace with special instructions.
She has no idea that following these instructions will change her entire life.
On her second day in Scotland, Mackenzie meets Aindreas Balfour, the Laird of the castle. There’s just one problem.
He died 300 years ago.
Follow along her journey as she navigates 18th century Scotland and finds her voice as she helps Aindreas reclaim what is rightfully his.
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